The Quiet Anxiety of Waiting Out a Pandemic

Angelito Lantin pauses for a nap in between his morning chores.
In the privacy of her room, Maria Angela Raphaela sits through Coursera classes on stocks and finance.
Bakery owner Rosemarie Lantin conducts orders and checks on deliveries through her phone. Her operations have gone digital since the start of lockdown, causing her undue stress as she navigates a new world with her business.
Lunchtime in the Lantin household. Family rituals are more constant now, though a sense of weariness has long since settled in.
Rosemarie’s store, Macarose, operates out of the household kitchen. Shop owners have gotten creative in order to adapt to what some call “the new normal.”
Angelito watches a report on the crash of the South African cut flower industry. News trickles in through the TV and the internet, but beyond that, little is known about the goings-on outside.
Angelito wears a face mask as he sets out to do the groceries.
The Lantin family gathers around Angelito’s work laptop for Sunday Mass. Everyday rituals have evolved into new forms as Filipinos strive for a sense of normalcy under the lockdown.
Macarose staff Ruella and Gladys watch videos and talk to their relatives on the phone. Unable to return home in time for the lockdown, they now live as members of the Lantin household.
Maria Angela flicks through Instagram late at night. She laments how much she misses her friends. Afterwards, she falls quiet.
I’ve put on a work polo over my basketball shorts, in preparation for an early morning work meeting. For many Filipinos, work continues at home, albeit in limited, altered fashion.
Angelito pores over the newspaper while Rosemarie flicks through her social media feed. COVID-19 data continues to come in from the Department of Health, but a cloud of muddled information and continued crackdowns on media outlets leave Filipinos confused, skeptical, and anxious.

Environmentalist, culture conservationist, essayist. Development studies graduate. A collector of stories.

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