Guarded optimism cuts through daily anxieties as a bakery does its best to survive the pandemic.

In Occidental Mindoro, a fisherman hauls a yellowfin tuna ashore, to be taken to traders in his hometown of Sablayan. Already caught up in a difficult livelihood, artisanal fishers have been forced to spend days at sea as climate change push fisheries further off shore. Photograph © Alo Lantin

A dangerous assumption in journalism in general is the idea that we can truthfully represent the stories of others. Our own gaze prevents us from doing so. We are an ‘Other’ imposing our interpretations of the world upon our subject. The most truly representative piece can only ever come from the subjects themselves — but through careful, caring, humble, anthropological study of our subjects, we can eliminate our own gaze, at least to some degree.

Alo Lantin

Environmentalist, culture conservationist, essayist. Development studies graduate. A collector of stories.

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